Self Service Reward

If you signed up to a fixed-rate, all-online plan before the 29th July 2019 you’re eligible for the Self Service Reward – our way of saying thanks for managing your account online. We’ll give you £7.50 per fuel (paid into your account after every 3 months) until the end of your contract.

How to get the reward

  1. Manage your account online, rather than via email or on the phone.

  2. Pay by Direct Debit, making sure it’s on time and at the recommended amount (or more).

  3. Give a meter reading at least once every three months or have a smart meter.

If you don’t do all this during any quarter you won’t get the reward for that period, but you can still try again for the next 3-month period, up until your plan ends.

Don’t worry, you’ll still get the reward if you need to contact us in an emergency, or if you think something’s wrong with your meter.

We’re no longer offering energy plans where you get a Self Service Reward when you renew or sign up.

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