Guaranteed Standard of Performance (GSOP)

GSOP is a level of service set by industry regulator Ofgem. If we don't meet the rules set out in the GSOP we'll pay £30 compensation into your OVO account as our way of saying sorry.

Engineer appointments

We'll pay you £30 compensation if:

  • An engineer misses an appointment.
  • An engineer arrives outside of the scheduled 4-hour time slot.
  • We cancel an appointment giving you less than 24-hours notice.
  • An engineer is unable to do the job because they arrive with the wrong equipment.


We'll pay you £30 compensation if:

  • We disconnected your energy supply due to a debt on your account. You settled the debt and paid us any reconnection charges but we didn't get you back on supply within 24 hours (or the next working day if you ask us to reconnect outside of OVO working hours).

(We define a working day as Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm)

Problem with pay-monthly meters

We'll pay you separate £30 compensation payments if you tell us you your meter's not recording your energy use correctly and we don't do each of the following:

  • Complete an initial assessment of whether your meter's faulty by asking you what it's doing/not doing, then:

  • Tell you the results of our assessment and tell you when we're sending out an engineer to fix it (if necessary) – both within 5 working days of you contacting us.

  • Repair your faulty meter within a further 5 working days, either by sending out an engineer as advised, or by fixing it remotely if possible.

(We define a working day as Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm)

Problem with prepayment meters

We'll pay you £30 compensation if:

You've lost your energy supply and report your meter to us as faulty and we don't:

  • Fix the issue remotely or send out an engineer within 3 hours on a working day (or within 4 hours on a weekend or bank holiday).

You still have your energy supply but you tell us your meter's faulty and we don't:

  • Repair or replace the meter within 3 hours on a working day.
  • Repair or replace the meter within 4 hours on a weekend or bank holiday (or the next working day if you tell us outside of OVO working hours).

(We define a working day as Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm)

OVO Energy supplies pay-monthly homes and doesn't offer prepayment meters. If you have a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) meteryou're probably with our sister company Boost.

Performance of Electricity Distribution Networks & Gas Transporters

Both your network operators may be required to pay you compensation due to faults or issues they're responsible for.Click here to find your network operator.

They may ask us to make these payments on their behalf and advise us how much to pay. In this case we'll pay you within 10 working days and if we don't, we'll add an additional £30 compensation payment to your account.

Erroneous transfers

We'll give you separate £30 compensation payments each time if:

Your supply has been transferred without a valid contract and we don't:

  • Agree with the other supplier whether or not it's an erroneous transfer within 20 working days of you telling us.

  • Give written confirmation that an erroneous transferred has occurred, and that you'll be returned back to your previous supplier.

  • Or give you a written statement confirming the outcome of our investigation with the other supplier.

  • Re-register your supply back to OVO within 21 working days of verifying the erroneous transfer with the other supplier.

This will not apply if you have been transferred to ourselves as part of theSupplier of Last Resort process and Ofgem appointed us to take over your supply.

Refunding final credit balance

We'll pay you £30 compensation if:

We don't refund you within 10 working days of us sending your correct final bill after you switch away or move out. This doesn't apply if you've had an erroneous transfer.

Compensation payment

If we need to pay you compensation because we didn't meet the GOSP, we'll do this within 10 working days. If we miss this 10-day window we'll pay you an additional £30.

This payment can be added to your account, sent via cheque or added onto your prepayment meter.

When we won't pay a £30 compensation:

  • If something occurs outside of our control, such as severe weather conditions, and our engineer's been unable to come along as planned.
  • If you tell us that you don't want us to do anything about the problem you reported.
  • If your meter's been tampered with - to enable energy theft for example.
  • If we cannot get access to your meter or home.
  • If you decline our offer to fix a faulty prepayment meter.

All of the above standards are subject to change if Ofgem revises its regulations.