How to renew your contract

We’ll email you 53 days before your contract is due to end, and we’ll follow this up with an email reminder. We’ll tell you our new prices and explain how to renew your plan. You’ll find your contract end date on your ‘Plan’ in your online account under ‘My plan details’.

If you want to stay, you can renew with us in your online account.

Your renewal quote
We take how much energy you used last year and multiply this by our current rates to work out your yearly amount.

Missed renewal
If you don’t renew in time, we’ll move you onto our variable rate plan, Simpler Energy. You can choose to move onto a fixed plan at any time.

When renewals start
Your renewal will start on the date your old contract ends. That's the case even if you renew earlier than this date.

Renew your plan