Meter-reading disputes

When you join OVO we’ll ask you to send us your opening meter readings. Sometimes, though, these might be higher, or lower, than we expected. In these cases we’ll need to do a little bit of detective work to find out what's happened.

This is called a ‘meter-reading dispute’ and it means we’ll check with your previous energy supplier to work out what the reading(s) should be – based on the amount of energy you’ve used in the past.

We’ll work to get this sorted for you as quickly as we can, but it can take up to 14 weeks for electricity and 8 weeks for gas (and longer in some cases). Your energy supply won’t be affected while we do this and we’ll bill you as usual.

How to avoid a meter-reading dispute

The best way to avoid any dispute is to send us your opening meter readings as soon as you join OVO. You can send them from 5 days before your on-supply date, to 5 days after – please check the emails we’ve sent you for the exact date. This makes it easier for us and your previous supplier to agree on an accurate reading.

What happens when you leave OVO

If you’re leaving OVO and switching to a new energy supplier we won’t ask you to send us closing readings. Instead, your new supplier will ask you to send readings to them which they’ll use as your opening readings. If you don’t send these your new supplier will estimate your readings, then share these estimates with us. If these don’t match what we think you’ve used according to your previous readings, we might raise a meter-reading dispute with the new supplier as explained above.

To help avoid disputed meter readings it’s a good idea to send us your readings regularly, ideally on the date we bill you each month. This also keeps your bills accurate so you pay the right amount for the energy you’re using.

An even better way to avoid any dispute is to get a smart meter! Once you've got one you'll be able to automatically send readings every day or half hour, which makes your bills more accurate and your account more up-to-date! That's not all. With a smart meter, you’ll be able to unlock Energy Spotlights: personalised tips that help you cut energy waste at home. They're part of our carbon-kicking upgrade, OVO Beyond. Book a smart meter appointment

Send a meter reading