Moving out

If you’re moving out in the next 28 days, let us know online. We’ll close your account and we won’t charge you any exit fees.

What you'll need to tell us:

  • The date you moved, or will move out of the property.

  • Your new address or forwarding details.

We'll take a reading automatically on the day you tell us you’re moving out, then we’ll issue your final statement within 10 days. We’ll also cancel your Direct Debit and refund any credit on your account to your bank account within 7 days after you receive your final bill.

Leave your In-Home Display (IHD) in your old home. It won’t work elsewhere.

We’re sorry, but taking your current OVO plan to your new place isn’t possible, even if you’re on a fixed plan. To rejoin OVO in your new home just sign up for a new account for your new address as soon as possible and choose one of our current energy plans.

Tell us you’re moving out