Multiple Direct Debit reviews

To protect you from paying a lump sum at the end of your year with us, we run regular Direct Debit check-ins on your account:

  • 3 months after you’ve joined us

  • And every 6 months after that

These check-ins (along with your meter readings), help us keep your account nice and healthy.

If we see your payments won’t cover your energy use and costs by the end of your year, we’ll estimate how much you’ll use and spread the costs evenly for the remaining months. To make everything more manageable.

Common reasons why you might need to change your payments

Using more energy than we expect is the most likely reason for us asking you to change your payments. Other reasons include:

  • Changing your plan, or adding an upgrade like OVO Beyond to your existing plan

  • Missing a payment

  • Getting a refund when your account has a positive balance (a balance that might be needed later in the year if your energy use goes up)

We run check-ins on all accounts, even those with a positive balance. Just to be absolutely sure you don’t end up with a negative one after a year.

We want you to pay the right amount always – month after month after month, which is why, every 6 months, we might recommend you adjusting them. If we don’t hear from you within 10 days, we’ll do it for you. So you don’t end up with a negative balance after a year.

Sending meter readings will make your bills spot on – they're great like that, they go hand in hand with our check-ins. Did you know, a smart meter can send them for you?

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