What’s the Carbon Tracker?

The OVO Carbon Tracker is an online tool designed to help members learn more about their individual carbon footprint. It's free for all OVO members.

Here's how it works:

  • First, you answer some quick questions about your home and travel. Things like how you use your energy at home, your recycling habits, how you travel around and how often, etc.
  • Then, our energy experts use that data to give you:

  • Your personal carbon target (a carbon emissions goal to aim for).

  • Suggestions to help you shrink your impact and join us on the journey towards a zero-carbon future.

Want more personalised insights into reducing your carbon footprint?
Add OVO Beyond to your current plan. It lets us turn your smart-meter data into 'Energy Spotlights' which we use to recommend energy-saving, bill-shrinking actions tailored for you in monthly 'Zero In' emails and online updates.

Try the Carbon Tracker