Smart relay

A smart relay device passes the signal from one smart meter to the other if they’re too far apart. It can also relay information from your smart meter to your In-Home Display (IHD).

Your smart electricity meter uses the Home Area Network (HAN) to communicate with your smart gas meter and receive its data. Placed in a suitable location the smart relay can extend the HAN by 100 metres (providing there are no thick walls in the way) to help with signal problems.

If you run your smart relay constantly for a year, it will use 8.76 kWh of power, which will cost around £1.

How to get a smart relay

We’ll send you one free if your smart electricity meter isn’t communicating effectively with your smart gas meter. It can take up to 3 weeks for it to arrive.

If your home’s very large we’ll send you up to 4 smart relays to cover the extended HAN range.

Here’s how to install it

  1. Plug it into a power socket – but don’t switch it on yet.
    The socket should be as close as you can get it to halfway between the gas and electricity smart meters, so it can pair them successfully. If the socket is already in use for another appliance you can use the socket on the smart relay for the appliance instead.

  2. Next, you’ll need to call us before turning the smart relay on.

  3. We’ll remotely put your electricity smart meter into ‘search’ mode so it searches for your smart relay.

  4. You can then switch the socket on. A red light will come on just beneath the long black button at the top of the smart relay.

  5. Hold down the black button for around 15 seconds. The red light should start flashing.

  6. The red light will then stop flashing and turn off – that means the smart relay’s now linked to your Home Area Network (HAN) and your gas and electricity meters should now be able to communicate with each other.

Turning off the smart relay doesn’t reset it.

Lights on the smart relay

  • Solid red light: standby mode. This means it isn’t currently connected to a HAN nor is it searching for one to link with.

  • Flashing red light: search mode. It’s searching for an open HAN to join.

  • No light: commissioned mode. It has successfully joined the HAN and is communicating with your electricity meter.

Smart relay not working

If you’re plugging your device in for the first time and the red light does not light up when you switch it on, try plugging it into a different socket. If the red light still doesn't come on get in touch with us.

If your smart relay’s stopped working try moving it closer to the electricity meter. If that doesn’t work, please get in touch.

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