In-Home Display (IHD)

An IHD is a small electrical device with a touch-screen display which pairs up with your smart meter to give you all kinds of data about your energy use. IHDs cover both fuels - electricity and gas.

Our engineer will give you your IHD on the day of your smart meter installation. They’ll set it up and give you a demo on how it works.

With your IHD you can keep track of:

  • how much energy you’re using

  • what your energy is costing you

  • how much carbon dioxide your home's producing

You can use the IHD screen to select your current energy use – or how much you’ve used over the last few hours, days, weeks or months. You can even set up alerts on your IHD to help you limit how much energy you’re using.

Price information on In-Home Display

Your IHD will always show price info based on your current OVO plan, and all the prices and unit rates displayed include VAT.

If you renew with us to a new contract at a different rate, or your rates change for any other reason, we’ll update your IHD remotely to reflect the new rates.

Cost to run your In-Home Display

Your IHD is very power-efficient and uses very little energy - up to 4.38 kWh over a year which is about 60p.

Where to keep your In-Home Display

Keep it within 20 metres of your electricity meter, as long as it's connected to your smart meter's Home Area Network (HAN), it will display all your usage data. Your IHD doesn’t connect to your WiFi network.