Why OVO could change my Direct Debit amount

Our goal is to protect you from paying a lump sum

To make sure that won’t happen, we run regular Direct Debit check-ins on your account.

If we see that your payments won’t cover your energy use and costs before the end of your year with us, we estimate how much you’ll use and spread the costs evenly for the remaining months. Just to make everything more manageable.

We’ll never do this without giving you a heads-up

In fact, we’ll always ask you to adjust the payments yourself first. It’s only if we don’t hear back within 10 days that we’ll do it for you.

Common reasons we might ask you to change your payments

*You’re using more energy than we expect (the most likely reason)

*You’ve recently changed your plan or upgraded to OVO Beyond

*You’re missing a payment

*You’ve got a refund when your account had a positive balance (a balance that might be needed later in the year if your energy use goes up)

Pst. Remember to check out our Direct Debit Calculator. It shows you how changing your payments might affect your balance over time.

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