How we work out your Direct Debit

When you join, we calculate your first Direct Debit like this:

  • We look at the size of your home and any meter readings we have for you to get a picture of the energy you might use – your first readings can help us make your payments accurate from the very start

  • If we don’t have your first readings, we look at the energy use of a typical energy consumer in the UK – but this way your actual energy use and cost might be different

  • We estimate how much energy you’ll use in a year and what it’ll cost

  • Then divide that into 12 equal payments – that’s your initial Direct Debit amount, sorted

It’s super important to send regular readings. We update your account after every reading to make it nice and easy for you to keep tabs on what you’re spending.

After 3 months, we run your first Direct Debit check-in:

  • We check if your initial payments are spot on – based how much energy and plan costs you’ve used in the last 3 months

  • If it looks like they won’t cover your energy by the end of your 12 months, we’ll ask you to adjust them

  • If we don’t hear from you within 10 days, we’ll automatically do it for you

Good to know: your payments can still change even if you’re on a fixed-rate plan

That’s because you pay the same price for every unit of energy – for the duration of your contract. If you’re using more energy, it’s normal for your monthly cost to go up too.

After 6 months, we’ll run the next check-in:

  • If we see that you're on course to build up a big negative balance, we’ll recalculate your Direct Debit and ask you to adjust your payments

  • We estimate how much energy you’ll use for the rest of your year with us – using your readings to help us

  • Include any positive or negative balance you might have built up so far

  • Then divide that into the remaining months on your contract – that’s your new Direct Debit

With every single check-in, our goal is for you to have a £0 balance after each year with us. So you don’t have to pay back a lump sum.

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