Smart meter buttons

If yours is a SMETS1 model, this is what the buttons refer to:

1 - Usage and cost of energy today vs yesterday

2 - Cost of energy this week vs last week

3 - Cost of energy this month vs last month

4 - Historical data for energy use and monthly cost

5 - CO2 data for the current hour, today, yesterday, last week and last month

6 - Tariff, standing charge, whether single or dual rate, and unit rates for each meter reading if Economy 7

7 - Not used

8 - Not used

9 - Meter reading

0 - Checks the display and then shows the time, date and load

B - Wakes up meter if asleep, and can be used to scroll back

If yours is a SMETS2 model:


A - Allows you to scroll through all the sub menus

B - Allows you to scroll through all the menu options

A and B - Allow you to scroll you through the menu options

C - Allows you to access the entire menu