Meter readings

If you don’t have a smart meter pop us a reading the day before your bill is due to make sure it’s accurate. It’s best to give them once every month to keep your account up to date.

If you miss a reading, we’ll generate an estimate based on your meter reading history.

If you have a normal meter:

Enter your 5 digit reading for electricity and 4 or 5 digit reading for gas into the boxes. Read the numbers from left to right and include zeros. Leave out numbers after a decimal point or in red.
If your reading’s too short to fill all the boxes, put a zero in the first box.

If you have an Economy 7 meter:

You’ll have to submit two sets of readings. Your meter will have two sets of numbers – one ‘low’ and one ‘normal’ (or possibly ‘day’ and ‘night’). This varies from meter to meter and will be written beside, or very close to, the set of numbers.

If you have a smart meter:

You don’t have to give us readings as your meter sends us your readings automatically. If you need to take a reading manually, press number 9 on your meter.

How to send a meter reading

Submit meter reading