Meter readings

Choose the fuel you want to send a reading for, pop your reading in the box and click to send. Don’t worry if you make a mistake – just follow the same instructions to send a new reading before midnight on the same day and we’ll update your account with the new reading. If you need to update the reading after this time, please get in touch so we can help. The best time to send your readings are on the date we bill you each month.

How to send a reading

Enter your 5-digit reading for electricity and 4- or 5-digit reading for gas into the boxes. Read the numbers from left to right and include zeros. Leave out numbers after a decimal point or in red. If your reading’s too short to fill all the boxes, put a zero in the first box.

Got a smart meter?

You don’t have to submit readings when you have a smart meter as it shares them with us automatically. Depending on which option you chose, your energy-use data can be shared half-hourly, daily or monthly. If you ever need to take a reading manually just press number 9 on your meter.

Got an Economy 7 meter?

If your smart electricity meter is on an Economy 7 tariff, press ‘6’ on the keypad until you can see ‘IMP R01’. This shows your off-peak (night-time) reading in kWh. Then keep pressing ‘6’ again until you’ll see ‘IMP R02’. This gives your daytime reading.

How to send a meter reading