Erroneous transfer (ET)

An erroneous transfer is when an energy supplier takes over a gas or electricity meter by mistake. This happens rarely – in around 1% of all switches.

This can happen if:

  • An energy supplier has been given your details by mistake – more common if you live in a flat or new-build.

  • Your address or meter details are wrong in the national database used by all energy companies.

  • There’s been a human or systems error when switching

  • A switch which you’d cancelled went through by mistake.

  • In very rare cases, your details may have been used fraudulently to apply for a switch.

How to spot it:

  • You received an email or letter from your current supplier saying ‘Sorry to hear you’re leaving’, but you didn’t ask to leave.

  • You receive your welcome letter from your new supplier and notice your meter or other details are wrong.

  • You received a final bill and your account is closed, but you had no intention to leave.

What you need to do:

  • Call or email to tell us you think you’ve been switched by mistake.

  • Keep paying your Direct Debits to us as usual.

What we’ll do:

  • We’ll work with the other energy supplier to get your supply back.

  • We’ll continue to bill you, and you won’t have to pay the other supplier anything.

How long does it take to sort out:

  • These issues are usually fixed within 25 days, but can sometimes take up to 12 weeks.

  • If you want to switch to OVO, but we’ve taken over the wrong supply, it may take us up to 6 weeks to resolve it and complete your switch.

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