Monthly bills with a traditional meter

We work out your charges based on readings you send us (if you’ve a smart meter it sends readings automatically so you don’t need to worry). If you haven’t sent us a reading(s) we’ll estimate your energy use. It’s a good idea to send us readings each month to keep your bills up to date and accurate. The best date to send us a reading is on your billing date.

We’ll bill you monthly on a regular date between the 1st and 28th – this is the date we began supplying your energy – or quarterly (every 3 months). We’ll send your latest bill by email or post (depending on your contact preferences).

Your bill shows your up-to-date account balance, plan details, meter readings, energy costs (including standing charges, VAT and any upgrades), any Interest Reward we give you and payments you’ve made during the billing period. Your Direct Debit payment is still taken once a month.

If you don’t have a Direct Debit set up on your account, your bill offers ways to pay.

You can see your latest bill online around 5 days after your billing date.

You can also check your up-to-date energy use charges and account balance on the 'Home' screen by scrolling to 'Money in and out of your balance'.

See your bills