Smart meter installation

We’ll send along a qualified OVO engineer, or one from our trusted partners to install your smart meters. Sometimes we may have to send more than one engineer, but we’ll always check with you first. It usually takes just under an hour to install your smart meter (or 90 minutes if you’re having both your gas and electricity meters done).

Before your appointment, don’t forget to

  • Clear the area around your meters for easy access.
  • Make sure that any meter keys you need are handy. (Otherwise you’ll need to change your appointment to a time when you have them).
  • Check that someone over the age of 18 will be at home the whole time.
  • Pop furry friends into a separate room (as much as we love them).
  • Keep an eye on your phone – our engineer will text or call on the day of the appointment to let you know when they’re due.

During your appointment, we’ll

  • Switch off your energy supply for around 20 minutes, so please let our engineer know ASAP if you have medical equipment that needs constant power.
  • Explain how your meters and In-Home Display (IHD) work and give you a handy guide to read.
  • Ask how often you’d like your smart meter to send us readings. We recommend half-hourly readings. This means we can show you more detailed energy use graphs on your account.
  • Put your new meters in the same place as your old meters. If you’d like your meters moved you’ll need to arrange this with your local network operator as we’re not allowed to do this. We’ll send your first bill about 6-8 weeks after you get your smart meter

All about your smart meter