Smart meter reading preferences

You make this choice on the day your smart meter’s installed, when our engineer will ask you about your ‘data preferences’. Your meter can send readings half-hourly, daily or monthly, but we recommend half-hourly. This means we can show you more detailed energy use graphs on your account.

The more often you share your readings, the more feedback you’ll get
...which can help you find simple ways to save energy.

  • Sharing half-hourly usage data can help you understand more about your energy use. (Most OVO members choose this option at installation.)

  • Sharing daily readings means you won’t get as much info about your energy use. (It’s the default option if you don’t tell us otherwise.)

*Sharing monthly readings means you won’t receive feedback about your energy use on a day-to-day basis.

We use the data from your smart meter to:

  • Give you up-to-date, accurate billing.

  • Manage your energy supply, and spot any problem.

  • Help us (and the energy industry as a whole) to work more efficiently.

  • Give you relevant advice to help you reduce your energy use and save.

  • Develop and manage energy supply and demand.

We won’t take any information about appliances in your home, unless this affects a product or service you have with us.

Get in touch if you want to change how often your meter sends us readings.

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