How to get a refund

You might sometimes build up credit in your energy account balance. This is because we split the cost of your estimated yearly energy use across 12 equal payments. Dividing the cost evenly means you shouldn’t have to pay more in winter when most of us use more energy. Any credit built up during the summer helps to cover those months where you’re using more energy.

That said, you can ask for a refund on this credit if you meet the following rules:

  • You pay by Direct Debit
  • You’ve enough money in your account to cover one Direct Debit payment
  • We’ve had a meter reading from you, or your smart meter, within the last 28 days for each fuel we supply
  • You’re not currently switching to another supplier*

If you can answer yes to all the above, head to ‘Payments’ on the side navigation panel to ask for a refund. We show your personal maximum refund amount (minimum £5 to a maximum of £1,000).

Once approved, the refund will arrive in your bank account within 10 working days.

Why we recommend leaving a credit on your account balance

Your charges vary each month depending on how much energy you’ve used. Keeping your energy account balance in credit can help avoid a negative balance, preventing you needing to increase your Direct Debit.

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