What happens if you cancel your Direct Debit

If, for any reason, you ask your bank to cancel your Direct Debit, we’ll get in touch to check what happened – it takes about 2 weeks for them to let us know. We’ll ask you if you want to set it up again, or choose a different way to pay.

What happens to your Direct Debit if you move home, or leave us

We’ll keep it running until we wrap everything up (this usually takes about 12 weeks), so you might see more payments going out to cover your energy use during your time with us.

  • It takes about 3-4 weeks to complete your switch

  • We’ll send your final bill within 6 weeks after that

  • And if your final balance is:

    positive – we’ll refund you within 10 days and cancel your Direct Debit

    negative – we’ll cancel it as soon as you’ve paid off what you owe and your balance reaches £0 (or, you can pay off your balance all in one go)

    or £0 – we’ll cancel it there and then

Please don’t cancel your payments before you leave, or we might have to ask you to set it back up.

If you’re on a variable plan and cancel your Direct Debit

You’ll need to start paying us after you get your bills. You’ll also notice that your prices will go up a little (you can check your new rates in your account). This is because you’ll be paying On Demand which costs us more to manage than Direct Debits. Don’t worry, you can always set up your Direct Debit again at any time.

How to change your Direct Debit amount